Retrovélo handmade wooden bicycle handlebars

Retrovélo is a small Belgian company that produces 100% handmade unique wooden bicycle handlebars.

The technology is based on the steering wheels of old sports cars, where an aluminum core is covered with wood on both sides and powerful glue and brass rivets hold everything together.

The handlebars have a diameter of 25.4 mm and thus fit perfectly on the retro stems that you often see on a fixie or single speed bike.

Handlebar length can vary between 42 and 46 cm, and is adapted to the customers requirements.

Retrovélo wooden handlebars are made of four types of wood: Cherry (Almond color), Afzelia (warm brown), Merbau (milk chocolate color) and Wenge (dark chocolate color)

BenT: curved handlebars

sTr8: straight handlebars

wood and colors