Frequently Asked Questions



How are Retrovélo wooden handlebars made?

The Retrovélo wooden bicycle handlebars are a unique combination of wood, aluminum and brass.

The technology is based on the steering wheels of old sports cars, with an aluminum core covered with wood on both sides.

Powerful glue and brass rivets hold everything together.


Are wooden handlebars weather resistant?

After assembly, the handlebars are dried in an oven so that the wood is completely dry and basically shrink free. Subsequently, several layers of wood sealer are applied to make them waterproof. Afterwards, they get two coatings of varnish and finally they are treated with special wax to make them water repellent.

All these processes make the handlebars well resistant to rain, but nevertheless, we advice you not to leave your bike in the rain for a long period of time.


Can scratches be removed?

Light scratches can easily be removed with fine sandpaper (600) or fine steel wool.

For an optimal protection against humidity and dehydration, it is best to apply a new varnish coating or treat the handlebar with wood oil.


Are Retrovélo wooden handlebars safe?

Due to their unique construction, the Retrovélo handlebars are very sturdy and safe.

However, this can only be guaranteed as long as the handlebar is placed according to the instructions below.

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